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Feb 24, 2023

Career Opportunities for Kids Who Learn Robotics

The choice of a future career for a child is determined by many factors, ranging from their inclinations and talents to the demand for certain professions in the region where the family lives. However, perhaps everyone will agree that it’s better to follow a broad career path that offers a lot of job opportunities. The choice of a narrow specialty brings the risks of facing limited offers in the labour market. In this regard, studying robotics is a key that opens up broad prospects for children, allowing them to find a worthy and well-remunerated application for their talents and skills in society.

Is Robotics a Good Career Choice?

The popularity of STEM education and robotics specialists is due to a number of interrelated factors:
  • Society needs to train a large number of professionals who will be able not only to maintain existing automated equipment but also develop new systems. Breakthroughs in the field of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) largely determine the position of countries in the current global labour distribution. In the coming years, leadership will depend, amongst other things, on the introduction of advanced automated mechanisms.
  • The amount of state and private investments in the production of robotics equipment. Companies realize that they will become uncompetitive in the coming years without the transition to automated production. Therefore, in pursuit of good specialists, they are ready to pay big money to innovators and professionals in the field of robotics.
  • Far-sighted parents understand that choosing a career in the area of STEM education will not only increase their child's chances of finding a well-paid job but also protect against possible unemployment. A child who does not have such skills will find it very difficult to find a job in a world of total automation.
Given the accelerating robotization of all aspects of social life and the emergence of more and more jobs related to robotics, a career in this field would be an excellent choice for a kid. By gaining coding and engineering knowledge and skills, they will become fully prepared for the demands and opportunities of the labour market.

Career Options for Those Who Have Studied Robotics

Today, there are a lot of professions and career opportunities in the robotics field. And their number is only growing. Do not be surprised if, in the near future, even fields such as humanities, which are seemingly far removed from technological sciences, increasingly turn to the analysis of the interaction between robots and humans. Therefore, even if your child has a humanitarian mindset, he or she will certainly need basic knowledge in this area. These are just some of the career opportunities for kids who learn robotics. They require a deep knowledge of the principles of robotics along with corresponding qualifications.

Robotics Technician

These specialists provide support and maintenance of robotized equipment at all stages of their operation:
  • Installation and launch of automated or robotized equipment
  • Current maintenance during operation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Necessary repairs
Technicians are specialists who know the smallest nuances in the behaviour of robots, not only due to their expertise but also their practical experience. When robots become a daily reality for almost everyone, the need for periodic repairs will make this profession extremely lucrative. To demonstrate the necessary skills, a technician will need a professional certificate confirming their competence or an associate's degree.

Robotics Engineer

A robotics engineer is the creator of the machine world. The kind of robots we will meet on the streets and in shops, hospitals, and schools, will depend on their knowledge, skills, and imagination. Additionally, product development will depend on their innovative skills because it is the engineers who ensure breakthroughs by offering new inventions. They are engaged not only in the creation of new samples of robotized equipment but also in operational testing before the products enter the mass market.

Sales Engineer

No large robotics store for industrial or consumer customers can function without a sales engineer. It is simply not possible for a non-specialist in this field to explain to consumers the advantages of new robot models or their differences from models released by competitors. Only professional knowledge will make a sales manager appear convincing to potential buyers.

Software Developer

Children who learn to code robots at school age gain invaluable knowledge and experience that will make them gladly accepted by the friendly community of programmers. The profession of software developer provides a wide scope of opportunities for creativity and innovation. Research in the area of artificial intelligence training is now at the peak of popularity. Maybe, thanks to the talents of your child, the next breakthrough will be made here. Today, many companies in all areas of human activities are striving to create their AI-based software. Therefore, the labour market for programmers is extremely wide.

Robotics Operator

While the robotics technician has more to do with mechanical devices and their proper functioning, the operator is more in charge of the software or ‘mind’ of the robots. Their functions include the following tasks:
  • Installation of necessary programmes and updates
  • Ensuring that the robot performs the programmed task as adequately as possible and is protected against viruses
  • Elimination of any errors that occur
  • Reprogramming (if necessary)

Introduce Your Child to Robotics with Maker

To instill a love for STEM disciplines in your child, it is important to attend robotics classes in addition to school education. Offering children a fun and engaging introduction to engineering and programming will help make complex knowledge simple and accessible for them. The Maker Holiday Camp has several programmes that allow children of all ages to immerse themselves in the exciting world of robots. At these classes, children learn how to assemble ready-made models and create their own ones, as well as how to programme robots. Maker offers two separate programmes for children of different ages.
This programme is intended for children from 4 to 6 years old. Using an easy game form, with a minimum amount of time spent at the computer screen, kids go through two training blocks through which they get knowledge necessary for their future careers in robotics. The coding block explain to them the importance and specifics of this process and introduce them to the language of colour coding along with the basics of animation. The robotics block will provide basic knowledge of electrical circuits and teach them how to control B-bot and KamiGami robots.
This programme will be of interest to children from 5 to 14 years old thanks to the unique Lego sets, which can be used as an educational platform. Children learn how to assemble robots from plastic parts and join important elements to give the robot ‘life’, such as sensors, motors, and a mini-computer or robot brain. Assembled robots are coded by children according to detailed instructions supplied by the company.
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