General questions

What types of programmes are available?

We provide the following formats:
— Holiday Camps: Monday – Friday, 9 AM - 4 PM for kids from 5 to 14 years old
— Weekly classes:
ROBOTICS (10 to 13 and 6 to 9 years old)
MAKER (10 to 13 and 6 to 9 years old)
ABC Tech (3 to 5 years old)
You can find out the current schedule here.

What is the difference between holiday camps and weekly classes?

Our holiday camps are 5-day programmes, runs from 9 AM to 4 PM daily, that combine various activities for children aged from 5 to 14 years.
Weekly classes are 75 minutes, one time per week, and focused on one type of activity — engineering, coding, or robotics.

What is the minimum age to sign up?

We have courses for children of all ages, starting from 3 yo kids. For preschoolers, we have an ABC Tech course. Lego robotics and Maker programmes are available for children aged from 6 to 13 years old.
The Maker holiday camp is suitable for children from 5 to 14 years old.

Can parents sit-in and observe the class?

No, it's drop-off classes, we have a good teacher-to-child ratio, so you can be sure that kids will be supervised, while parents can have their own time and relax.

What are the Locations of your classes?

Now it's open at our Maker place - 232 River Valley Road.

What are your operating hours? How can we contact you?

You can WhatsApp 82646655 any time, we are ready to help 24/7. Usually, we have teachers in the office from 8 AM to 7 PM daily, but better to drop us a message if you plan to visit.

When do I have to make the payment? And how do I make payment?

Our friendly accountant will send you an invoice, so you can do a bank transfer or card payment.

Will there be any make-up classes provided if my child misses a class?

Sure, notify us if you can't come and we will organize a make-up class for your child.

About weekly classes

Does my child need to have any experience in coding/robotics?

Our classes a suitable for beginners, so all kids are welcome! Our friendly teachers will identify your child's level and interests and will make sure that the program fits his/her needs!

What course should we sign up for?

Everything depends on the age of the child and their interests. Contact us at +65 82646655 or send us an email at info@maker.sg and we would be happy to help!

What are the qualifications of your teachers?

All our teachers had high technical education and trained to lead the lessons. They have big experience in our centers and camps.

Do you provide a certificate upon completion of this course?

Yes, all kids will receive a certificate, t-shirt, and water bottle at the end of the course.

How many students are there in a class?

We start class from 1 student and usually there are small classes of 3-5 kids with 1-2 teachers to lead.

About camp

What should my child bring/wear to the camp?

We provide all equipment for camp activities. Kids just need to wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle with them that they are able to refill in the camp.

What are the drop-off and pick-up times?

Teachers always wait for kids downstairs in all our locations to help them to come to class. Teachers are downstairs from 8:30 till at least 9:15 to meet kids.

Can I sign my child up for more than one camp programme?

Yes. Each camp programme is different and has no repetitive activities, so your child can enjoy them all.

Is transportation available?

We can provide door-to-door bus service in cooperation with the Schoolber bus company. The bus can collect your child from your home address anywhere in Singapore. Usually, the bus company provides specific pick-up times 3-4 days before the camp.

Can you provide halal/vegetarian food for my children?

Yes, we can provide halal and vegetarian food, as well as dairy-free, gluten-free, and any other food requirements that are required.

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