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Holiday Camp Events and Programmes

Whatever talents you’d like to help your child develop, Holiday Camps in Singapore will offer you rich and varied programmes. Holidays are a chance to discover an exciting world where playing, learning, and other activities intertwine and enrich your child. Take advantage of the numerous opportunities for them to enter a new world filled with exciting events and joyful and cooperative friends. Choose the most inspiring and intense programmes from the wide array available, including:

Maker Holiday Camps
Music & Dance Holiday Camp
Performing Arts & Theatre
Art & Craft Holiday Camps for Kids
Sports Holiday Camps
Adventure Holiday Camp Singapore
Yoga & Mindfulness Camps
Cooking & Baking Camps
Language Holiday Camps
Multi-activity Camp Singapore
STEM, Robotics & Coding
Science Holiday Camps
Animal Holiday Camps

Maker Holiday Camps

Children are naturally curious. But adults don't always have the time or even the knowledge to answer all their questions. This is where Maker can help: we not only satisfy the wide curiosity of children but also offer them practical challenges. Through our engaging and stimulating activities, involving hands-on experiential learning, children expand their horizons and learn useful life skills while having fun and making new friends.
Through its varied camp programmes, Maker opens the door to a magical land of friendliness, interesting robotics, exciting engineering and coding activities, and fun adventures. Three times a year, at our summer camp, autumn camp, and Christmas camp, your child will get the opportunity to meet new friends and fascinating mentors at our dedicated facilities.
The programmes of each camp are different and constantly revised, so your active and inquisitive learner will never repeat the same task or activity, even if he/she visits all the holiday camps in a row!

1. Summer Robotics Camp

For most adults today, robots are mainly a curiosity. However, it is predicted that by 2050 robots will be an integral part of society. It is therefore important to encourage a child’s interest in robotics as early as possible, so that they learn how to create, manage, and happily co-exist with robots, rather than fearing or avoiding them.
Our robotics summer holiday camps for kids are held every summer, and each time we ensure they include an exciting new programme, depending on the development of technology and the emergence of new unique educational models for assembly.

When: 30 May – 26 August 2022, from Monday to Friday, 9 am – 4 pm
Where: Four locations in Singapore - East, West, Center, and Novena

Events and Exciting Challenges:

  • DIY Robots: drawing and making mini bugs, minion brushes, and jumping kangaroo robots
  • Becoming familiar with the Ozobot World and Ozobot coding
  • Making robots from Lego: Catapult project, Dino-bot, and Gladiator robot
  • Learning robot programming and robot IQ.
  • Daily competitions in pairs and individually, followed by awards.
Kids will be able to take home all the models assembled by them as well as their awards.

2. Summer Hands and Brain Camp

The desire to create smart machines and mechanisms may arise from a love for technology and an understanding of the principles of physics. We’ve learnt that it’s easiest to introduce kids to these complex concepts in a playful and experimental way. In our camps we bring to life what may have seemed like abstract knowledge in the school classroom. We do this through practical hands-on activities that always involve experimentation, creativity, and fun!

When: 30 May – 26 August 2022, from Monday to Friday, 9 am – 4 pm
Where: Four locations in Singapore - East, West, Center, and Novena

Events and Exciting Challenges:

  • Electric propeller car and wind power generator, both made by kids
  • Moving gymnast and personal DNA project
  • Constructing the Earth-Moon system
  • Building a greenhouse and simple pneumatic machine
  • Echo chamber, spectroscope project, and much more
  • Lego and Kevaplanks competitions and awards
The models assembled by kids, as well as their awards, will be taken home.

A visit to a holiday camp in Singapore not only provide kids with new skills and broadens their horizons, it also stimulates teamwork and the ability to cooperate to achieve a greater goal. New friends and acquired skills will become valuable assets that the children will gain.

3. Super Robo-maker-mix Holiday Camp Singapore

The Autumn holiday camp was created as a Robotics-Maker mix to give every child the opportunity to discover something interesting while having lots of fun. Whatever abilities and inclinations your kid might have, he or she will find plenty of stimuli for development here: musical and artistic, technical and mathematical. An average day might involve hands-on activities, games and exciting competitions, entertainment, and funny presentations by mentors on the most interesting topics. And there is always plenty of time for answering those incredible questions that kids ask. Thanks to the support they receive and their experience of successfully creating even the most complex mechanisms, kids leave the camp full of optimism, self-confidence, and with a vision of new horizons.

When: 5 September – 28 October 2022, from Monday to Friday, 9 am – 4 pm
Where: Four locations in Singapore - East, West, Center, and Novena

Events and Inspiring Challenges:

  • DIY projects, including helicopter and transformer
  • Building cities and robots from Lego
  • Flying butterfly and excavator, popsicle slingshot and Marble run
  • Robo-battles, Lego, Ozobot, Kevaplank, and Domino competitions
  • Fruit piano and music box
  • 3D drawings and much more
All competition awards and models made by kids can be taken home.

4. Christmas Holiday Camp Inventor Lab in Maker

Winter is a time of magic when kids are inspired to create the most enchanting and incredible things. At Maker, both toddlers and older children will feel like real wizards when they help conjure up magical delights such as a spy bird, luminous gloves, a Christmas ball, and a flying airplane. However, the real magic can be found in the transferable skills that these kids will be able to take with them throughout life. We’re confident that when they return from Christmas holiday camp they’ll delight their friends and family with some priceless Christmas gifts, such as their wonderful inventions and the fascinating knowledge they’ve gained.

When: 21 November 2022 – 6 January 2023, from Monday to Friday, 9 am – 4 pm
Where: Four locations in Singapore - East, West, Center, and Novena

Inspiring Events and Tasks:

  • Acquiring DIY skills through making doodling robots and a Christmas ball
  • Ancient labyrinth and marble run
  • Christmas light card and wall hanging star
  • Concertina and 3D pen creation
  • Cup amplifier and chain reaction
  • Kevaplanks and Lego building competition
  • Awards for all competitive tasks
All the models assembled by the kids, as well as any awards, can be taken home

5. Winter Robotics Holiday Camp

It’s always best for kids to start getting acquainted with the fascinating world of robots from an early age. Children are blessed with well-developed imaginations, so this early introduction to robots could inspire a future career in advanced technology. But the benefits don’t stop there - assembling and programming robots will make them feel more confident with technology; hands-on experiential learning will help them realise that they have the power to invent smart machines that will make human life easier. Children will not return home from Maker camp lonely, instead they’ll obtain new friends in the world of robots, which they might develop and improve throughout future studies at school, a college, or a university.

When: 21 November 2022 – 6 January 2023, from Monday to Friday, 9 am – 4 pm
Where: Four locations in Singapore - East, West, Center, and Novena

Inspiring Events and Tasks:

  • Making different kinds of robots, including a doodling robot and dog walking robot
  • Vex IQ robotics and Ozobot world
  • Botzee and straw robotics
  • Lego robotics and wooden robot
  • Roboworld and Santa-brushy robot
  • Numerous robotics competitions and awards: Vex IQ, Ozobot, Botzee, and Straw
The models assembled by the kids and awards can be taken home.

Impressive Varieties of Holiday Camps for Kids in Singapore

Considering the evident talents and inclinations of your child, you might chose to further develop these existing skills. Alternatively, thanks to the wide range of holiday camps for kids available, you might choose to introduce them to new experiences so that they can make an informed choice about the direction they’d like to take in the future. Below is a short list of activities that kids can find at different holiday camps in Singapore.

6. Music & Dance Holiday Camp

Fledgling performers and young lovers of music and dance can plunge into magical programmes involving various styles of music or instruments that have been prepared for children of different ages, such as:
  • Music & theatre camps
  • Learning to write musical hits
  • Showcases, including video recordings of concerts, to to present young performers’ talents
  • Learning to play musical instruments, including piano, drums, guitar, and ukulele
  • Sacred music camp
  • Learning chords and rhythms
  • Creating music videos for Tik Tok
  • Dance styles, from classical to trendy ultramodern
Duration: from 3 days; there is a possibility of an online class

7. Performing Arts & Theatre

From fairy tale performances for your little ones to advanced camps for teenagers - whatever direction your child chooses - talented mentors will help develop their acting skills and stage movement, self-presentation, and the ability to interact with other actors on stage. Your child will learn:
  • The most important acting techniques
  • The ability to create exciting stories for the audience while improvising on stage
  • Choreographic dance and acting singing
  • Theatrical performance in front of friends, parents, and other audiences
Regardless of whether or not your child has prior stage experience, plunging them into the wonderful world of performance, along with a supporting cast of new friends, could set them on the route to stardom!
Duration: from 4 days

8. Art & Craft Holiday Camps for Kids

At art camp lessons kids will be introduced to numerous styles of fine arts and crafts, and learn about famous artists and important practical skills in the most entertaining way, including:
  • Painting with acrylic paints and crayons, watercolor, oil, and charcoal
  • Practice drawing landscapes and portraits, graphics, and complex compositions
  • Drawing from life and from memory
  • Preparing the canvas for work
  • Making illustrations on wood
  • Learning the principles of design and architecture
  • Studying features of 3D-modelling
  • Drawing anime and comics
  • Making storyboards and drawing cartoons
  • Learning crafts and sewing
Additionally, watching art video clips and listening to the fascinating stories of mentors will broaden the horizons of future artists. And the exhibitions of their physical works will make them feel like authentic artists.

Duration: from 2 days

9. Sports Holiday Camps

Sports camps in Singapore are some of the most popular among children due to their natural dynamism and readiness to run, jump, swim, and play a variety of sports all day long. Team games develop cooperation skills, while individual sports teach resilience and perseverance. Another important bonus is that your children will be taught by real professional athletes. They will provide both a worthy example and reliable support for kids. Camp programmes can include:
  • Football and tennis, volleyball and figure skating, plus many other sports
  • Adventures and competitions, with awards for winners
  • Spatial orientation and development of tactical game skills through team games.
Sport develops character, which means that your child will become stronger, more resilient, courageous, and more enthusiastic after the sports camp.
Duration: from 3 days

10. Adventure Holiday Camp Singapore

At Adventure Camps kids will learn the rules of behavior in the forest, such as climbing techniques. They may even travel through the rivers and mountains in camps aimed at harmonizing with the forces of Nature. How do you light a fire when the wood is wet? How do you set up a tent properly and secure it so that wild animals can’t get into it? The answers to all these questions, which all wannabe travellers and wildlife lovers should know, will be worked out by the kids themselves as they are guided by experienced adventurers who have traveled over the whole world.
For older children, the Overnight Hike programe can be an exciting challenge. During the hike they will absorb the sounds and smells of the moonlit forest. This holiday camp is a striking contrast to the everyday life of a schoolchild, and the memories and emotions arising from such adventures will thus remain with the child for a long time.
Duration: from 3 days

11. Yoga & Mindfulness Camps

You can introduce children to a spiritual life from an early age. And don’t worry that they’ll find it boring or that it will turn them into ‘little oldies’! Plunging into their inner selves, kids can find joy and light, which they can share with others after their meditative practices. Comprehension of yoga practices will allow them to learn how to maintain balance and endurance in any situation. And an important benefit is that when things go wrong in their adult lives, as they will at times, kidswill know how to look inside themselves and find harmony again.
Duration: from 3 to 5 days

12. Cooking & Baking Camps

Cooking delicious and aesthetically pleasing food requires more than just the knowledge of a few magic recipes. All good cooks have their own secrets, which they will gladly share with young helpers at camps. In addition, mentors will teach the rules of hygiene and handling kitchen utensils. To every parent’s surprise, kids won’t come back from camp and demand desserts - they’ll now prepare those desserts themselves! And what serious chef doesn’t have the ability to decorate his or her own dishes? At cooking camps kids will learn how to turn the most ordinary cookies into cats and mice, bears and ducklings. Here, the fantasy will only be limited by their imaginations! And when your child returns from camp and asks for an apron and a bowl of flour, you’ll know that a real helper has appeared in your house!
Duration: from 3 days

13. Language Holiday Camps

Learning any language can be a lot of fun for kids if they’re not made to sit in the line at desks, but instead learn through playing, drawing, acting out scenes, and watching funny videos. It is this engaging approach that is used in language camps, which may include:
  • Learning songs and poems in a foreign language
  • Developing communication skills through performances
  • Playing board games and taking part in competitions
  • Writing letters to friends in a foreign language
  • Public speaking and presentations for older children
Duration: from 3 days

14. Multi-activity Camp Singapore

If you want your kids to spend their school holidays busy with a wide range of activities, without having to focus on just one thing, you could send them to the multi-activity holiday camp. Here they can enjoy activities that include:
  • Sports and solving engineering problems
  • Art and dance
  • Games and competitions
  • Drama and STEAM
  • Languages ​​and wellness
  • Zoology and archaeology
  • Garden plant care and cooking
If you want to raise a multi-talented young person, send your child to multi-activity camps. Your kids will amaze you with their breadth of knowledge and their ability to quickly switch from one activity to another.
Duration: from 5 days

15. STEM, Robotics & Coding

No matter how serious and responsible this type of holiday camp sounds, they’re deliberately designed to be non-stop fun for children. After all, they’ll be dealing with the fascinating areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths), coding and robots, the ultimate products of human genius. They’ll learn how to create and programme robots, enjoying the reactions of these complex machines, and looking for ways to improve them. Importantly, the ability to explain complex physical laws to a child in simple words creates a reliable basis for the development of future inventors and programmers. Activities can include:
  • Learning Python
  • Understanding software and hardware
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Digital music and art
  • Creating a robot with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Circuit Modelling
  • 3D modelling
Duration: from 5 days

16. Science Holiday Camps

Holiday Camps for future scientists are mind-blowing experimental zones with the following specializations:
  • Chemistry and alchemy
  • Astronomy and astrology
  • Physics and mathematics
At Science Camps, kids are taught to separate fantasy from reality by asking important questions and, with the help of their entertaining mentors, finding answers to them. Also, they will gain useful skills through presentatingtheir research results and learning how to explain them to others. Through engaging activities, experiential learning and a lot of fun, kids will learn how to communicate with each other like real scientists. And who knows, your little one could become the next Albert Einstein or Marie Curie!
Duration: from 3 days

17. Animal Holiday Camps

So many kids dream of having a furry or feathered friend, but not every family can accommodate a pet such as a cat, dog, mouse, or parrot. However, you can make your child’s dream come true during their next school holiday, by sending him or her to a holiday camp dedicated to communicating with pets and mastering the skills of caring for animals such as:
  • Ponies and monkeys
  • Hedgehogs and chanterelles
  • Raccoons and crows
As a result of taking care of animals, children open their hearts and learn to help and look after those weaker than them. They’ve been shown to become softer, kinder, and more attentive. But be careful - when you see how a child changes as a result of spending time with animals, your heart might melt, and you might end up presenting him or her with a long-awaited puppy!

Duration: from 3 days

With All the Variety of Holiday Camps in Singapore, Maker Is a Must-Have for Your Child

Maker performs a much more important function than just entertaining children during the holidays. Instilling a love for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) through fun, engaging, experiential learning, can have a huge influence on the development and future life of a child. At the very least, through exposure to STEM, kids will learn not be afraid of of it or try to avoid it. To lead kids on this stimulating journey of discovery you can trust the professional, talented, and friendly mentors at Maker. STEM skills will undoubtedly be in increasing demand throughout society as the use of robotics intensifies and the need for programmers grows. And perhaps it will be thanks to participation in a Maker Holiday Camp that your child will boldly follow the path of mastering these sciences. Other benefits of Maker Holiday Camps include:
  • Attention to every child and faith in their potential
  • Children's access to the most advanced equipment that you can only dream of
  • Introducing mind-blowing technologies and focusing on practical skills
  • Small but friendly groups of up to five people
  • Providing all the materials for creativity and the opportunity to take home the models made by the child
  • Full healthy lunch throughout the day plus two additional snacks
Register for our holiday camp to gain access to the most exciting programmes that will introduce your child to the world of robotics, engineering, and programming. You can also visit Maker's free events throughout the year. Subscribe to the newsletter to find out where and when they are. And don’t forget to register for the most exciting programmes available!
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