Christmas Holiday Camp

2 new subjects: "Inventor Lab"
and "Robotics"
Our camp program for 2023 coming soon
How it was in 2022
For kids from 5 to 13 y.o.
Robotics, coding, maker projects for little inventors with all original equipment.
Do you have a little invertor at home?
We're delighted to offer 2 new programmes for our Christmas camp:
‘Inventor Lab’ and ‘Robotics camp’

Maker Christmas camp is a place where kids can explore the world of robots and great innovations, learn Robotics, Coding, Lego EV3, inventing, 3D modelling, and many more! Camp programmes involve hands-on activities with the use of different types of equipment such as 3D pens, Chibitronics, Makey Makey, 3D puzzles, and others. Regardless of the children's interests, our Christmas camp helps them to develop important physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. After taking part in the camp, children will cherish vivid memories for a lifetime.

All camps run from 9 AM to 4 PM and we provide 2 snacks and lunch for all campers. Bus transportation can be provided on request.

Kids will be in small groups of 5 children of similar age.
Camps are available at 3 locations: CENTRE, WEST and NOVENA
Camp plan
Original equipment guarantee
Our key principal is to provide only original, latest available, world level equipment for our kids. We guarantee that all equipment is original and all kids have full access to needed tools.
Each camp costs 685 SGD.

2 snacks, healthy lunch, t-shirt, all materials and certificate included.
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for 5 to 14
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Christmas Holiday Camp Maker in Singapore 2022

The Christmas holidays are one of the most eagerly-awaited times of the year for children. The question is how to make this time fun and entertaining for kids. And the best answer is Christmas holiday camps for kids!
This year we are happy to offer your children 2 new and up-to-date programmes for our Christmas holiday camp for kids, which will immerse your kid in the interesting world of robotics and other interesting sciences: ‘Inventor Lab’ and ‘Robotics camp’.
‘Robotics camp’: A fantastic future has already arrived
As a child, you may have read books or watched movies about robots. Back then it seemed unbelievable and far from reality, but today robots have firmly entered our lives. Machines with AI now clean floors, perform heart surgeries and even fly planes.
Just imagine how amazing it will be for your child to become part of this exciting new world by inventing and programming their first robot in our holiday camp! That will make for a truly unforgettable Christmas!
Through the Robotics camp programme, every child has a great opportunity to explore the newest information about robots and create their own robotic crafts. During our camp kids will learn about robots through a programme that includes:
  • Vex IQ robotics project
  • Ozobot competition
  • Botzee robotics
  • Straw robotics
  • Lego Robotics project
Children will make amazing robotics crafts, including:
  • Santa brusy robot
  • Googly-eyed trash bot
  • Robot alarm clock
  • DIY doodling robot
Building robots is an enriching hobby for kids because it helps them to develop many skills at once, including fine motor skills, logical thinking, creativity, and curiosity. Your child will also learn to become more persistent, patient, attentive, and purposeful. Our activities also enhance their ability to set goals and solve problems.

‘Inventor Lab’: the chance to feel like a true inventor

‘Inventor Lab’ is another camp that will transform your child’s holiday into something magical, fun and interesting. It aims to introduce children to the design of various types of inventions through a programme that includes:
  • Kevaplanks competition
  • Lego building competition
  • Marble run
  • Makey-Makey project
  • Maker workshop
Through this course kids will learn to use their hands to create the following crafts:
  • BFF light-up gloves
  • Dark-sensing amulette
  • Rolling roller coaster
  • Wall hanging star
  • Spy bird with light
  • Light-up Christmas card
Every day kids will take home 2-4 handmade crafts from this outstanding Christmas holiday camp. We provide only the original, latest version, world-level equipment for kids.
Like our Robotics camp, this programme develops many useful skills and also encourages kids to create and explore.
The Christmas camp for kids programme is designed for children from 5 to 13 years old. It is suitable for beginners and no extra skills are required. With Maker, every kid can become an inventor!

Why choose the Maker Christmas Camp?

Your kids will have five unforgettable days of camp that will make this Christmas the most joyful and exciting ever! We provide 2 snacks, a healthy lunch, t-shirts, all materials, and certificates for all campers. And that’s not all!
Our Christmas camp offers fun, engaging, hands-on activities that will develop your child’s interests and skills and might even influence their future career.
Selected benefits of Maker camp include:
  • new programmes every season
  • qualified mentors who will find the best approach for your child
  • small groups of up to 5 persons
Can't choose between programmes? Why not sign up for both?! Each Christmas holiday camp programme is unique and exciting, so your child will never be bored. Contact us for more details!

WEST: 887A Bukit Timah Road
NOVENA: 175 Thompson Road
CENTRE: 232A River Valley Road
EAST: 229 Joo Chiat Road