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May 1, 2023

Coding For Kids: 20+ Free Coding Apps and Websites

Programming is generally perceived as a complex skill that is not accessible to most kids. However, that is a misconception. Children can actually begin to learn programming from the age of 4-5 years if they learn in the right way. In this article, we will highlight some of the useful resources that can help your children to master the basics of coding. Hopefully, you will see that learning to code can be a fun and easy experience for children.
Children and Code

Why Should Kids Learn Coding?

Can you remember how old your child was when they first used a smartphone? Many kids get their first exposure to phones at 3-4 years or even earlier, through watching cartoons or playing simple games on their parents’ phones. Electronic devices have long become a familiar part of our everyday life and it’s now difficult to imagine life without the Internet and apps. By the time our children get older, the level of digitization will have increased even more, so children need to be prepared for this exciting future.

As parents, we can help our kids by providing them with the key knowledge and skills, for example in coding. Even if your child doesn’t go on to become a professional programmer, the skills they’ve gained will be invaluable For example, the study of programming can help to develop logical and critical thinking, which can aid success in any field.
Here are just some of the reasons why a child should study programming:

  • Increased motivation to study. To better understand the basics of coding, children will need a knowledge of both mathematics and physics. Knowledge of English is also generally a must-have for any programmer.

  • Increased focus and attention to detail. Through programming, kids begin to understand the importance of small details and how focusing on them can avoid errors down the line. These qualities will be useful throughout life.

  • Development of logical thinking. In the process of coding, children learn to apply logic in their decisions. They make plans, find relationships between actions and objects, and perform different tasks. This will help them to find solutions to a diverse variety of problems in their adult lives.

  • Possibility of self-realization. Coding for kids can be a great passion. Would you rather your kid played Minecraft all day long or created games and apps himself?

  • Development of creativity. Programming is not only about writing code. It can be used in countless creative ways. And, just as artists need to understand the basics of drawing to create a design, programmers will need a sound knowledge of English to help them write the text for game characters.

  • Learning the basic principles of programming. Programmers and developers can work remotely from any place in the world and are usually well-paid. Wouldn’t you like to give your child such a beneficial profession?

There’s no doubt that coding for children has a huge number of advantages. now let’s see what sites and apps can help teach children the basics of programming.

Webs and applications for teaching children programming

We have collected some of the best resources that can help children learn programming from scratch. All platforms have partial or full free access.
Platform: web-platform Age: 4+ years Price: Free

The Code.org platform supports many languages. Children from different parts of the world can learn the basics of block programming here with various forms of training. There are individual classes, detailed courses, and fascinating interactive guides. The resource can be used for self-study or for use in schools.

On Code.org, children can learn programming in various fields. They will learn to create games and applications in JavaScript and will be able to do animation themselves.
All courses on the platform are divided by age. You can choose training for preschoolers, secondary school, or high school students. There are regular and fast courses. Some courses can be taught in 30 languages.

The site has a huge number of useful tools — a laboratory of games and applications, a video library, various widgets, and virtual tours. In general, the resource is suitable for children of any age, from preschoolers to students aged 18+. Learning how to code for kids is easy and simple with this site.

Platform: web/app Age: 5+ years Price: Free

One of the most attractive features of the Scratch platform is its simplicity. Children can code using blocks that resemble Lego bricks. The blocks have different colors depending on the purpose, which simplifies visual perception. Kids can easily create fun animations, interesting games, or cartoons.

There are training videos on the site, which will help children to cope with coding even without the help of adults. Videos explain what to do in a step-by-step manner.

There is also a common environment where participants can share their projects. You can watch and comment on other people’s projects, and get feedback on your solutions.

In general, Scratch is designed for teaching block programming to children aged 5-7+ years. But the platform also has a module for preschoolers, called Scratch Jr. There is also a special module intended for use in pre-school institutions.

You can use the platform in a web browser or install a desktop or mobile app to learn programming for kids. After registering an account, the entire activity history is synchronized.

Platform: web Age: 7+ years Price: free/from $99 per year

In Codecombat.com, children play and simultaneously learn to program. Step by step, they master programming syntax, learn about parameters, methods, variables, cycles, and strings. During the training, kids will learn Python, JavaScript and C++ as well as related terminology.

There are different learning options on the platform. You can study in groups or individually. When choosing lessons with a teacher, you can study according to a specially designed plan. If they wish, students can be assigned homework to practice. Upon completion of the courses, certificates are issued indicating the level of knowledge obtained. If necessary, any course can be reviewed and repeated. If you are looking for a variety of coding for kids, you will find it here.

Platform: app Age: 4+ years Price: free/ $4.99

Imagine that your child could learn to program just by playing an interesting game. With Lightbot this is not only possible but easy. Children pass a 60-level puzzle and with each new level they gain more knowledge. As a child plays, he or she learns about basic computer science, cycles, processes, and symbols.

The game is designed so that the user starts from the simplest levels and gradually moves to more complex ones. Unsurprisingly, it’s popular with kids and works better than endless hours of studying.

Platform: web/app Age: 9+ years Price: free

At Khan Academy, you can find a solution that is suitable for your child. If he or she does not know anything about programming, you can start with the basics. High school students can improve their computer and coding skills.

A variety of courses will help you choose exactly the direction that you need. For example, you can learn about computers and the internet or study the basics of programming, animation or modeling. The lessons are accompanied by detailed video guides.

Kids can start from scratch and gradually acquire all the important knowledge and skills in the field of programming.
Khan Academy
Platform: web/app Age: 3+ years Price: free/from $6 per month

To start studying at CodeMonkey, you don’t need to have initial knowledge. You can start with block programming, which children perceive as a game. In fact, a child can be engaged in CodeMonkey from the age of three. Having mastered the basics, students can move to a more advanced level of text coding, where they can learn several popular programming languages at once. Kids will learn to create games and puzzles and solve complex tasks.

A big advantage of the platform is its visuality. The playful environment with its thoughtful design really fascinates children, and they enjoy learning. Coding for kids is a fun game with Codemonkey.

Platform: web Age: 12+ years Price: free

Crunchzilla is a solution that allows kids to study programming in the easiest way. Just play and learn. The user goes from level to level and learns JavaScript and Code Maven programming.

The service is easy to understand. You can return to previous levels, go further or reset the results. The game progress is saved in the browser. Each level has instructions on what to do and how to do it.


8. Stencyl

Platform: web/app Age: 6+ years Price: free/from $99 per year

Children like Scratch. And in Stencyl, you will find something close to an analogue of scratch, but even improved. Additional features and blocks will make the process even more interesting. The service is not only suitable for beginners - experienced users can also create their own code.

You can choose the programming method, for example, the block method, or use the Behaviors code, which is a mechanism to extend the user class. It uses Haxe, a language that has much in common with ActionScript.

The games that users create can be transferred to the app store and even connected to their advertising.

Platform: web Age: 8+ years Price: free

Many parents dream of finding a programming app with which their kids don’t need their help. This app is Blockly Games, a series of games that help children learn programming. It’s coding for children presented in a visual format. The games use block programming and children simultaneously build their solutions from blocks and learn the basic principles of programming.

One key feature is that you don’t need to have initial knowledge to use Blockly, which can also be used offline. You simply download and use it. This series of games will help children to gain the necessary knowledge, make them interested in programming, and motivate them for further learning.

Blockly Games
Platform: web Age: 5+ years Price: free

Would you like to find a programming course for children that meets the approved school standards? If soo, look no further than Code for Life. Here you can find all sorts of materials — training, lessons, tutorials, and game coding. All of them correspond to the UK school curriculum.

You can learn everything step by step. Starting with Blockly, you can gradually switch to Python. The training platform is Rapid Router Games, which is simple and easy to understand. Children will learn to create and debug simple programs.

Blockly Games
Platform: web/app Age: 7+ years Price: free

At Gamestar Mechanic, children will learn the basics of game design and system thinking. In a special environment, they can play, create, and share their games. Some of the games presented here are created by Gamestar Mechanic specialists and the creators of most games are common users. These users went on quests, mastered game design, developed their own games, and then shared them. The service interface is designed so that children can understand it on their own. If you are looking for coding for kids for free, try Gamestar Mechanic.

Gamestar Mechanic
Platform: app Age: 6+ years Price: free

Play and learn. This is what kids like to do! No tedious and boring lessons. During the games, children learn what cycles, objects, events, and sequences are. Using block coding is like building something in Minecraft.

In this free app, children become real creators. They can create objects by dragging items. Everything is understandable intuitively, so even children 5-6 years old can work independently. This application really teaches kids the basics of computer programming.

Daisy the Dinosaur
Platform: app Age: 4+ years Price: free

If your child has an iPad and never wants to put it down... download Cargo-Bot!. This application is written in the Codea language. Here you can play fascinating puzzles and create your own solutions. Children learn to use the code in the process of playing across 30 levels. Ready-made projects can be recorded and posted on YouTube. It is one of the easiest free apps for child coders.

Platform: app Age: 10+ years Price: free

If you think teaching a child to write in JavaScript is difficult, then you haven't tried Grasshopper yet. Here you can learn about the basics of JavaScript, the use of code for animation, and the principles of creating a site using HTML and CSS.

The application will help your child to learn programming, just through completing short but fun lessons on their phone. Having mastered the initial knowledge, kids can move on to more difficult levels. With Grasshopper, kids get a solid foundation in programming, which could become the basis for a future career.

Platform: app Age: 4+ years Price: free

Programming is all about fun with Swift Playgrounds, an application from Apple. Here kids can easily learn the Swift language. In this case, learning occurs with the help of puzzles. Kids learn blocks using detailed tutorials and guides specially designed by Apple.

Apple offers lessons that will help you master the language gradually. In the introductory part, kids learn the basics of controlling characters in a 3D world using real code before moving on to more complex concepts.

Swift Playgrounds
Platform: web/app Age: 8+ years Price: free

Scratch from MIT is a platform for primary school children. As in ScratchJr.org, you can create projects by dragging blocks. The intuitive interface allows children to program even without the help of adults. A clear step-by-step guide helps to get familiar with the platform.

Children learn to plan and design, with their artistic and storytelling skills improving at the same time. By downloading the app, you can use the platform even without the internet. After studying block programming, the transition to more complex languages will be much easier.

Scratch from MIT
Platform: web/app Age: 5+ years Price: free/ $9.99 per month

Even children who can't read can study at CodeSpark Academy. They learn the basics of coding in the game form with the use of pictures. Words are never used in the game but everything is visually clear. Children play, solve puzzles, and create their own games. Coding for kids is very fun and easy.

The well-thought-out interface is intuitive, meaning that kids can work on their own. And there is another significant feature -. one of the program missions is to create a level playing field for boys and girls in STEM.

CodeSpark Academy
Platform: app Age: 4+ years Price: free (in-app purchases)

Programming can be so exciting that it becomes the main hobby of a child. Children love to play racing games and this can be done with Code Karts. Logic puzzles in the form of races will help kids learn the basics of programming. With more than 70 levels, a large set of obstacles, and two game modes kids should nevert get bored while learning.

Children do not have to learn complex code or terms. They learn through playing naturally. The application can be used for the first acquaintance of children with the basics of computer science.

 Code Karts
Platform: web/app Age: 5+ years Price: free/from $16 per month

With Tynker Interactive Stories, kids start learning programming from block coding. After coping with simple tasks, they move on to real text-based languages ​​like JavaScript and Python. The game format of the courses helps kids to easily obtain all the necessary knowledge. Early coding for kids helps early development.

At Tynker, you can study on your own by choosing the necessary courses. You can study on a subscription basis and kids of any age and level of training are catered for. Upon completion of training, kids will receive a certificate. Proven methodologies will help them master Python, Web Dev, Data Science, in a real environment. With Tynker children can learn how to program without the tedious study of code.

Platform: app Age: 4+ years Price: free(in-app purchases)

Code, code, oh that boring code. Not with Hopscotch! This is coding for kids where they can create projects with the use of multifunctional blocks on an iPhone or iPad. They can also learn through detailed video tutorials. Finished games can be shared in the community.

With Hopscotch, creating games is as much fun as learning. The interface provides hints that will help users understand everything intuitively. The tutorials will show them exactly what to do. You will not even notice how your child is becoming an adept programmer.


21. MIMO

Platform: app Age: 4+ years Price: free( in-app purchases )

Is it possible to learn Python, JavaScript, and HTML in one application? Yes, it can be done in Mimo! Using its mobile application, kids can learn programming without any prior knowledge. They only need to spend a few minutes a day going through short lessons. The mobile editor will help them practice their knowledge and create their own apps. Users also have access to a multi-million dollar community. After the training, kids will receive a certificate. In this app, coding for kids doesn't feel complicated.

From the first day, children will learn how to create interesting projects and will be able to share them with friends. At Mimo, children are taught different programming languages, having an opportunity to learn programming and test their knowledge at the same time.


Courses on coding for kids from Maker.sg

ABCTeach by Maker is a project for children aged 4-6 years old. ABC Teach coding lessons are programmes that introduce children to the world of technology, engineering, coding, robotics, and logical thinking. There are two blocks in the course: ABC coding and ABC robotics. Each block lasts 8 weeks, with one lesson per week. A lesson lasts 75 minutes.

During the course, children learn the basics of coding, acquire basic knowledge, master animation in Scratch Junior, learn how to control robots, and become familiar with the basics of robotics.

ABC Teach
The main goal of the programmes is to give children basic knowledge about programming and interest them in this domain. An easy-to-play format improves learning results.
After completing the course, kids will be primed to delve further into coding; it may even start them on the path to a future career in this field. Sign up for ABC Teach courses now and let your children master their programming skills!

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